Our top priority is the safety of our students. Due to COVID-19, most student service offices will provide virtual resources. Please check with individual department websites for more information and status updates.

Education is a big investment, and finances should not be a barrier to your success at Rutgers.

Looking for aid or scholarship opportunities? Rutgers offers funding for students based on financial need, exemplary academics, and other unique skills. There are also special funds set aside if you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Need to pay your term bill or set up a tuition payment plan? Want some tips on how to best manage your money? That is available here, too.

About 70% of Rutgers students work at least part-time while in school. A part-time job can be a great way to pay bills, build your resume, and grow your network. Research also shows that students who work part-time while in college not only learn valuable skills, but also tend to earn more when they graduate. Jobs are available both on- and off-campus. Some are designated for Federal Work Study students, others are not, and they cover a range of skills and interests. Check them out - you might find something you love.

Ready to get started? Look through the resources listed, or use the search bar to type in what you need. 


Career & Internship Fairs
Office of Career Exploration and Success

The Office of Career Exploration and Success offers multiple Career & Internship Fairs throughout the year. Attend these premier Rutgers events, which are some of the largest recruiting programs in the country. These fairs attract an average of 300 employers who represent a wide array of career fields, providing candidates with the ability to discuss full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities with employers.

Dean of Students (Office of)
Student Affairs

The Office of the Dean of Students at Rutgers University-New Brunswick provides solutions, services, and support to help students navigate Rutgers University. By focusing on students’ educational, social, and personal development, staff in the Office promote academic success and student retention. The Office serves as a student support network by providing advocacy, problem resolution, and critical incident intervention for those times when additional assistance is needed. To schedule a time to speak to one of our staff, please email deanofstudents@echo.rutgers.edu. The Office of the Dean of Students hosts virtual drop in hours are held Monday - Thursday from 1:30pm - 4:30pm while classes are in session - https://go.rutgers.edu/DOSDropInForm to connect - If an appointment is needed outside of this timeframe, please email deanofstudents@echo.rutgers.edu

Douglass Residential College
Douglass Residential College

A Women’s College Without Walls

Here at Douglass Residential College, our members include 2,600 women drawn from the Rutgers University–New Brunswick undergraduate population. Students pursue many majors and career paths, and come from many different backgrounds. What we have in common is an interest in gaining the skills and insights to do more with our education, our careers, and our lives. Working with the staff of Douglass Residential College, we develop opportunities, discover strengths, create connections and draw courage from each other. At the same time, we forge ahead in our Rutgers education and make the most of our time in New Brunswick. Enroll at Douglass: https://douglass.rutgers.edu/enrollment/how-enroll-douglass

Educational Opportunity Fund Program
School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program is the largest in New Jersey, serving EOF Scholars in SAS, RBS, MGSA, SMLR, and BSPPP. It is a New Jersey state-legislated program that provides access to higher education for students who demonstrate the potential to succeed in college, and possess a high level of academic motivation. Students qualify for admission on the basis of academic and financial need. EOF Scholars receive a grant that is part of their financial aid package and participate in a range of programs designed to support their success in college, including a pre-college Summer Institute and academic/personal counseling.  

Financial Aid/The Process
New Brunswick Office of Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid is free and easy via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Financial aid funds, including student loans, are paid to the student's tuition account at the beginning of each semester, as long as verification is complete. Each disbursement will represent one-half of the amount awarded unless the student has requested and is eligible for a single term loan. In the case of a single term loan, the funds will be paid at the beginning of the term for which the student has requested the loan.

Interviewing Program
Office of Career Exploration and Success

The Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES) offers an extensive interviewing program. Submit your resume for full-time, internship, and summer opportunities with a variety of employers, and have your interview coordinated by our Employer Connections and Engagement Team.

Managing Your Finances
New Brunswick Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid provides comprehensive Financial Planning programming, presentations, groups, and one-on-one sessions that are available to all Rutgers University students. Students are encouraged to regularly manage and plan their education-related expenses, budget for both short- and long-term goals, manage their spending and borrowing, and use their education-related experiences to prepare themselves for life after school. Important budgeting and planning resources are released periodically, and students and parents are encouraged to utilize these resources.

myRutgers Dashboard

Visit your myRutgers dashboard to view personalized university information, grouped into intuitively-named widgets. This mobile-friendly portal allows you to view your grades and transcripts, register for courses, manage financial aid, access email and calendars, and view important alerts and reminders. Your dashboard includes links to forms and websites to assist you with getting information and performing tasks online. For instructional videos and more information:    

Nursing Student Resources
School of Nursing

Rutgers School of Nursing provides an array of support services for our students. Please visit our student resources page: https://nursing.rutgers.edu/student-resources/ to identify the services and resources that apply to you based on your academic program and campus. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact student.engagement@sn.rutgers.edu.

On Campus Hotel
Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center

Nestled on 21 wooded acres, in the heart of the campus, the Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center blends tranquility with bustling energy of campus life.  The Inn is located on the Cook/Douglass campus. The Inn is open to the public AND to Rutgers faculty, staff and students.  Reservations can be made directly at our website. The Inn is open for the entire year, only closing between for a week between December and January. Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Graduate students are also invited to submit an application to become a Residence Coordinator with the Inn.  Residence Coordinators provide support services to overnight guests, conference attendees and meeting organizers. Stationed at the front reception desk, Residence Coordinators interact directly with guests from around the world, ensuring a high level of assistance and attention.  Coordinators are provided with FREE housing and a meal plan.

One Stop Weekly - Official Student Newsletter

All students at Rutgers University-New Brunswick receive an email copy of the One Stop Weekly every Tuesday via RAMS (Rutgers Automated Mail Service). This weekly e-newsletter provides timely and important information related to academics, health, safety, and finances.  Students should make sure to check their spam filters and junk mail if they don't receive each Tuesday. 

Rutgers Handshake
Office of Career Exploration and Success

Rutgers Handshake offered by the Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES) is the #1 platform for all things related to career exploration, finding an internship, on-campus or off-campus positions, or landing a job opportunity post-grad. Students can utilize Rutgers Handshake to access thousands of job and internship listings in the system. They can also schedule appointments with career advisors, read employer reviews from other students, network with employers, register for events, access exclusive online resources, and much more.

Rutgers Internship and Co-op Course (RICC)
Office of Career Exploration and Success

Learn more about this credit-bearing online course, which serves as a companion to your internship or co-op experience offered by the Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES). Course credits apply towards graduation as general elective credits.

Rutgers Student Food Pantry
Off-Campus Living & Community Partnerships

The Rutgers Student Food Pantry is one of over 20 food pantries in New Brunswick, exclusively serving Rutgers students. It is located in room 115 at the College Ave Student Center (126 College Ave) and as a campus mobile food pantry at various locations throughout campus. The pantry carries non-perishable items, toiletries, and seasonal produce. Students just need to show their Rutgers ID to use the pantry. Find more information here and follow our social media for updated information. Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/RUFoodPantry/ Instagram:  @RUFoodPantry

Scholarships and Grants
Honors College

With the generosity of donors, the Honors College provides a variety of merit, need-based, emergency, and special scholarships for students in good standing in the Honors College. To be considered in good standing, students must be making progress towards completing their Honors College academic and service requirements. Priority is given to students who have positively contributed to the Honors College community. Scholarships range from $500 - $2000 for general support, special recognition, travel abroad, or other special opportunities. Scholarships are awarded on a combination of merit and need, and are layered on top of any scholarships or funding from the school of enrollment or University Financial Aid. This resource is available only to Honors College students.

SEBS Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)
Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF): School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS)

SEBS EOF prepares students to solve challenging societal problems. Focused on access, academic excellence, and research, SEBS EOF cultivates students' capacity to make adaptive changes in their educational development and overcome historic socioeconomic factors that challenge their potential for success. SEBS EOF provides services that assist students in navigating the complexities of an academic and social climate within a global environment, and help facilitate an understanding of what is required to succeed in college as a science major. We educate researchers, scientists, and health professionals, promoting learning outcomes that produce first-generation college graduates and high-achieving STEM professionals.

Social Justice Education & LGBTQIA+ Resources
Center for Social Justice Education & LGBT Communities (SJE)

Vision: We envision a Rutgers University where people of all identities and experiences are understood, appreciated, and fully included in the community, and where equitable treatment and outcomes prevail. Mission: SJE promotes a supportive environment for students of all backgrounds, with a focus on gender and sexuality, while promoting both social and educational opportunities for leadership, identity, and social justice advocacy development. With a critical understanding of multiple identities and connected systems of oppression, SJE works collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, and community members to develop relevant initiatives and policies that center on diversity, inclusion, and intersections of identity. https://youtu.be/0vgvRR7fENk 

Student Employment
New Brunswick Office of Financial Aid

There are many opportunities for students to find employment within Rutgers University or the off-campus community. The Student Employment Office assists students in locating employment opportunities in the Federal Work Study Program, regular Student Employment, and other part-time employment opportunities. In order to be eligible for Federal Work Study, students must successfully complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the current school year. Other forms for student employment and off-campus part-time jobs do not require a FAFSA in order to apply.

The Scarlet Hub
University Enrollment Services

The hub provides student information regarding financial aid, billing and payment, registration, records, admissions, and upcoming deadlines in one convenient place. Need your transcript? Want to view your offer letter or term bill? Time to register for classes? The Scarlet Hub is here to help with your enrollment needs.