The Rutgers Astronomical Society (RAS) is open to all members of the Rutgers community and housed in the Serin Physics & Astronomy Building on the Busch Campus.  

The mission of the Rutgers Astronomical Society is to unite those who are fascinated with the vastness of space and are interested in discussing and observing the cosmos. The organization endeavors to make astronomy accessible for anyone with even the slightest interest by providing viewing opportunities, informative seminars, academic collaboration, and more. The RAS  is run by undergraduate students who are motivated in providing the best experience for both visitors and members alike. RAS hosts weekly public observing nights weather permitting.

RAS also wants to provide a unique and fun experience for our members by teaching, accomplishing projects using the available , and establishing a tight-knit community with people from a range of backgrounds. Programs include the Astrophotography group, where students meet to learn how to take astrophotography with and without telescopes, relevant software, and can capture the cosmos on camera!

RAS meetings are held in 330W in Serin every Thursday night. Public Observing Nights are 8:30 pm on Thursday Nights, weather permitting.  The first Thursday of every month is restricted to RAS members.  

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