Degree Navigator is a flexible, easy-to-use degree audit and academic advising system for undergraduate programs.  The system is designed to assist you with the process of managing your degree requirements. 

Check Degree Navigator regularly to make sure you are fulfilling your requirements and on track to complete your degree.

  • Explore “What if…?” scenarios such as:
    • “What if I take this course?” Select courses you may want to take and see the effect on your audit.
    • "What if I change majors?” Browse the database and run an audit on any undergraduate program.
  • View your
    • academic profile and progress
    • course listings
    • program and degree requirements
  • Generate real-time audits for your program(s) and major(s) with the push of a button

See the "How To" section and view the video for using Degree Navigator.

Please note: Degree Navigator is unavailable from 8:30am-8:45am every day for system maintenance


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