Rutgers offers events and amenities for commuter students. Each Student Center has lounges and microwaves. In the Busch and Douglass Centers, there are designated commuter lounges to relax in and meet other students, while enjoying amenities including a refrigerator (Busch) and kitchen (Douglass). Commuter lockers can be found at the College Ave Student Center, Douglass Student Center, and Livingston Student Center. Students are able to store items for a few hours or for the entire day based on their schedules and needs. Lockers are free of charge and come in various sizes for ease and convenience. 

Commuter students are invited to attend welcome events and other opportunities throughout the year to connect with other students. In addition, the Rutgers Commuter Student Association (RCSA) is an inclusive student organization whose primary role is to serve commuter students’ needs and interests while building a community on campus. RCSA promotes engagement through programming and advocacy. Email:

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