Students missing an occasional class for illness or personal circumstances does not require written documentation or verification from the Dean of Students - Advocacy, Outreach & Support. In this circumstances, it is the student's responsibility to submit the absence through the Rutgers Self-Reporting Absence website, which automatically generates email notification to the instructor.

Reporting an absence does not "excuse" missed work. It notifies instructors, a courtesy that provides an opportunity for students to contact instructors about missed work. In addition to reporting an absence through the online system, students are encouraged to contact their instructor directly.

For extended absences, or when multiple assignments or academic requirements have been missed, instructors may request verification. Students may request an Absence and Verification Notice or attend Virtual Drop In Hours with the Dean of Students - Advocacy, Outreach & Support. For more information, visit  

Students are expected to attend class, participate, and submit work according to established requirements for each course. Even with verification for absences, it is up to each instructor to determine if there are options for allowing the submission of missing or late work. Absences can have a negative impact on academic performance and success.

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