Rutgers University – New Brunswick is committed to assisting students with making connections between their academic experience and their career paths. The university provides professional career-related advising, as well as resources and programs to help students: 

  • Discover their interests, values, and skills;
  • Explore careers and majors through connections with alumni or industry research;
  • Gain practical experience through internships and other experiential opportunities; and  
  • Pursue their post-graduation goals, whether they be employment or graduate school. 

The university built relationships with alumni, prospective employers, and graduate schools to optimize opportunities while also maintaining strategic partnerships with campus departments to assist students. 

The Office of Career Exploration and Success, in partnership with campus career providers, offers the Rutgers Handshake platform as the primary source of internship and job postings. The system serves as your primary career management system.



Adobe Creative Cloud
Office of Information Technology

Access Adobe Creative Cloud products like Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, After Effects, and more through Rutgers. The Adobe apps can assist with photography, videos, web design, flyers and posters, and more.

Big Interview & Resume AI
Office of Career Exploration and Success

When preparing for a job interview, it's not enough to only read advice - you need to put that advice into practice! With Big Interview, you'll also get hands-on practice with mock interviews tailored to your specific major or area of interest. In addition, Big Interview offers instant resume review AI. This online resource is offered by the Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES).

Career & Internship Fairs
Office of Career Exploration and Success

The Office of Career Exploration and Success offers multiple Career & Internship Fairs throughout the year. These fairs provide candidates with the ability to discuss full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities with employers.

Career Advising
Office of Career Exploration and Success

Our trained team can assist eligible students and alumni through career advising sessions.

Our career advisors are available to assist eligible Rutgers University-New Brunswick students and alumni with a range of career-related issues on an individual basis, such as:

  • How Do I Even Get Started?
  • Develop a 4-year Career Action Plan
  • Assess Your Skills and Interests
  • Choose a Major and Explore Careers
  • Gain Experience through Internships, Co-ops, and More
  • Consider and Apply for Graduate School
  • Search for Jobs

The number of appointments scheduled with an advisor will vary depending on the career issue(s) needing attention. Visit to schedule an appointment.

Career Communities
Office of Career Exploration and Success

The Office of Career Exploration and Success uses a career development model focused on career communities. This model allows students to break out of the confines of viewing career opportunities based on majors and opens the door to more career options. Events, job/internship postings, alumni mentors, post-graduation career outcomes, and news blogs are structured around our career communities.

Visit to view a full list of our communities.

After you review the career communities, log in to your Rutgers Handshake account. Go to your profile section, choose ‘Career Interests,’ and select 1-5 career communities to join. Scroll down and click ‘Save.’

Career explorations for physics and astrophysics majors
Physics and Astronomy

Career explorations for physics and astrophysics majors.  In Spring semesters the Junior Seminar (01:750:368) is focused on career explorations for physics and astrophysics majors that do not require a PhD.  BA degree alumni with careers in a diversity of areas make presentations and answer questions. In addition, workshops are hosted on written and oral presentation skills and resume writing.

Career Options with a Bachelor of Labor and Employment Relations Degree
SMLR Career Services

There are various career paths a student can pursue with a degree in Labor Studies and Employment Relations (LSER). This resource provides a listing of potential job titles in the Labor Relations field, as well as a list of employers that have recruited LSER students for internships and full-time positions.

Careers in Global Health
Rutgers Global Health Institute

Global health encompasses many things. It’s local, national, international, and planetary. It’s interdisciplinary and involves the conditions that make good health possible, including social, economic, and environmental factors. It’s about improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide.

If you are thinking about a career in global health—or, more broadly, how you can incorporate global health into your professional pursuits—there are many opportunities to consider.

The "Careers in Global Health" webpage, created by Rutgers Global Health Institute, is designed to help you understand that the pathways to a global health career are diverse. You can incorporate global health in ways that are directly related to your academic program, and you can explore different ways of using your knowledge and skills to improve health locally and around the world. We hope that this collection of resources and inspiration will help you navigate your professional pursuits with a global health mindset.

Careers in Human Resource Management
SMLR Career Services

Students can pursue a variety of career paths within the Human Resource Management (HRM) field. A degree or minor in HRM will prepare you to be a strategic HR business partner. The website provides a breakdown of the different subfields within HR, as well as a list of sample job titles within the industry. A list of prospective employers that have recruited HRM students can also be found on this website.

Employer Networking & Information Sessions
Office of Career Exploration and Success

The Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES) offers Employer Networking & Information Sessions. Join us for these events where employers provide students with details about the various career options and benefits offered by their organization.

First-year Interest Group Seminars (FIGS)
Office of Career Exploration and Success

First-year Interest Group Seminars (FIGS) are offered by the Office of Career Exploration and Success. Register for one of these small, one-credit seminars, taught by experienced upper-class students. You will be introduced to university resources and a career field of your choice during the fall of your first semester at Rutgers.

French Beyond The Classroom

French beyond the classroom are activities designed to expand learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Activities include workshops on career opportunities, internships, and study abroad and a free in-person conversation group open to students and alumni.

Office of Career Exploration and Success

GoinGlobal is a resource that assists students who are pursuing global career paths. You can access H-1B visa information, country and city guides, and other resources developed to meet the specific needs of the global career seeker, offered by the Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES).

Guide to Careers and Internships
Office of Career Exploration and Success

Get a jump start on developing your plans by reading the Career & Internship Guide developed by the Office of Career Exploration and Success.  This guide contains information on exploring careers and majors, polishing your resume, implementing job search strategies, planning for graduate school, and much more.

Interviewing Program
Office of Career Exploration and Success

The Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES) offers an extensive interviewing program. Each year employers work with the Office of Career Exploration and Success to conduct thousands of interviews during the fall and spring semesters and select candidates for full-time, internship, and part-time opportunities. Employers recruit from a wide variety of RU majors and programs. The Interview Program (IP) is free and easy, provides you with access to some of the top employers in the region and country, and is available exclusively to RU students. We help coordinate the interviews via Rutgers Handshake on campus, in-person at the Busch Student Center, or virtually.

Job Search and Opportunity Resources
Honors College

Honors College students pursue a variety of professional opportunities and preparation for advanced education. Following a student's first-year, they are eligible to receive an invitation to the Honors College LinkedIn group to connect with the Honors College network of individuals pursuing various opportunities. Honors College students can utilize several resources to research and connect with internships, part-time positions, jobs, research opportunities, and other portfolio building opportunities. Weekly opportunity emails sent by the assistant dean include internships, jobs, networking events, scholarships, skill- and knowledge-building opportunities, conferences, competitions, and more. These resources are available only to Honors College students.

La P'te Gazette Online Magazine

An online magazine designed and written by the undergraduate students of the Department of French at Rutgers-NB for K-12 students around New Jersey.

LinkedIn Learning
Office of Information Technology

Are you interested in learning more about using applications like Excel or Photoshop. Do you want to improve your photography or start working with programming languages? Pick up new skills through video tutorials provided by LinkedIn Learning, which you can access for free with your Rutgers NetID.

Office for Advising and Student Success
Mason Gross School of the Arts

The Mason Gross Office for Advising and Student Success is made up of a team of experienced academic advisors/student success counselors who specialize in helping students achieve their goals, understand their options, connect to resources, and identify their personal path to a successful academic and professional career.

A student’s relationship with their advisor is key to their academic success and offers an opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss options and discover answers. Advisors engage students in conversations about their education and life goals and want to learn about how individual students thrive and ultimately succeed in their degree and career.  Through these conversations advisors strive to empower students to make their independent decisions and claim ownership of their accomplishments.


  • Academic Advising, Policies and Degree Confirmation
  • Career Counseling and Preparation
  • Student Organizations, Involvement and Events
  • Parent and Family Information
  • General Health and Wellness Guidance

Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences

The Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS) is an academic support unit within the Division of Life Sciences at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The goal of ODASIS is to increase the recruitment and academic success of underrepresented students, as well as educationally and economically disadvantaged students, who are interested in pursuing careers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professions.

On Campus Hotel
Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center

Nestled on 21 wooded acres, in the heart of the campus, the Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center blends tranquility with bustling energy of campus life.  The Inn is located on the Cook/Douglass campus. The Inn is open to the public AND to Rutgers faculty, staff and students.  Reservations can be made directly at our website. The Inn is open for the entire year, only closing between for a week between December and January.

Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Graduate students are also invited to submit an application to become a Residence Coordinator with the Inn.  Residence Coordinators provide support services to overnight guests, conference attendees and meeting organizers. Stationed at the front reception desk, Residence Coordinators interact directly with guests from around the world, ensuring a high level of assistance and attention.  Coordinators are provided with FREE housing and a meal plan during the academic semester.  Summer employment includes an hourly rate and FREE housing.

On-Campus Work Experience Network (OWN) Program
Office of Career Exploration and Success

The On-Campus Work Experience Network (OWN) is a unique and customized program that will supplement your Federal Work-Study job placement through interactive leadership workshops to explore connections to potential careers and strengthen professional skills and your ability to leverage them, along with a cohort of your peers. In addition to leadership workshops OWN participants are paired with a supervisor who has agreed to serve as a mentor dedicated to your success.

Professional Development Advising
Honors College

The Honors College helps students pursue their goals for life after graduation. Whether you are a first-year student exploring potential career directions, or a more advanced student looking for research and internship opportunities, our dean of professional development is here to help students identify the best next steps.

Students receive career-related counseling and resources during one-on-one appointments either in-person or virtually. Students are assisted in clarifying their career goals, academic tracks and extracurricular pursuits that will enhance their professional portfolio, develop their professional network, and help them make successful career and graduate school transitions. 
This resource is available only to Honors College students.

Rutgers Handshake
Office of Career Exploration and Success

Rutgers Handshake offered by the Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES) is the #1 platform for all things related to career exploration, finding an internship, on-campus or off-campus positions, or landing a job opportunity post-grad. Students can utilize Rutgers Handshake to access thousands of job and internship listings in the system. They can also schedule appointments with career advisors, read employer reviews from other students, network with employers, register for events, access exclusive online resources, and much more.

Rutgers Internship and Co-op Course (RICC)
Office of Career Exploration and Success

Learn more about this credit-bearing online course, which serves as a companion to your internship or co-op experience offered by the Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES). Course credits apply towards graduation as general elective credits.

School of Management & Labor Relations - Career Services Team
School of Management and Labor Relations

The School of Management and Labor Relations Career Services team provides comprehensive career development for all students and alumni of the school. Services include, but are not limited to: individual career advising appointments (i.e. resume writing, internship/job searching, interview coaching); professional development workshops and webinars; on-campus interviewing; networking events; career fairs; and alumni mentoring. Contact information for SMLR Career Services staff is available on this website.

Student-Alumni Career Connect (SACC)
Office of Career Exploration and Success

Utilize the Student-Alumni Career Connect (SACC) database of Rutgers alumni who are willing to provide career advice and share their professional journey with you, offered by the Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES).

Testing & Education Reference Center
Office of Career Exploration and Success

Testing & Education Reference Center, offered by the Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES) and Rutgers Libraries, enables you to access practice materials for a wide variety of graduate school entrance examinations (e.g., GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and MAT), as well as resources for researching and building your career.

The Office of Distinguished Fellowships
The Office of Distinguished Fellowships

The Office of Distinguished Fellowships helps Rutgers undergraduates applying for nationally and internationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. These awards are external, funded opportunities tied to experiential learning, such as research, study abroad, service, and professional development.

Our Fellowships Advisors help you through all stages of the application process, from helping you assess your fit for specific awards, to asking for letters of recommendation, to reviewing personal statements, up until you "hit submit!"

Some examples of awards you may have heard of include the Fulbright, Goldwater, Truman, and Rhodes and Schwarzman Scholarships, but there are many more. 

The Scarlet Hub
University Enrollment Services

The hub provides student information regarding financial aid, billing and payment, registration, records, admissions, and upcoming deadlines in one convenient place. Need your transcript? Want to view your offer letter or term bill? Time to register for classes? The Scarlet Hub is here to help with your enrollment needs.

THRIVE Student Support Services (SSS) Program
THRIVE Student Support Services

THRIVE Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded TRIO program designed to empower undergraduate students to persist through college, maintain good academic standing, and graduate on time. THRIVE SSS supports low-income, first-generation and/or students with disabilities students successfully begin and stay in college. THRIVE SSS provides opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic college requirements, and to motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education. The goal of THRIVE SSS is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants. THRIVE SSS Scholars receive academic tutoring; advice and assistance in postsecondary course selection; information on both the full range of student financial aid programs, benefits and resources for locating public and private scholarships; and assistance in completing financial aid applications. Education or counseling services designed to improve the financial and economic literacy and assist in applying for admission to graduate and professional programs. individualized counseling for personal, career, and academic information, activities, and instruction designed to acquaint career options; exposure to cultural events and academic programs; mentoring programs and Student Success Award. These services are exclusive for students who meet the eligibility requirement to be part of THRIVE SSS in New Brunswick. 

Undergraduate Advising: French Placement and Curriculum

The French placement test helps advisors determine your skill level in French and the appropriate course level for you. You are required to take the placement test to receive credit if you have two years or more of High School French or two semesters of college-level French.

Placement Testing Link

Undergraduate advisors in French can help you identify the course offerings that best meet your learning needs. We will be happy to help you plan your major or minor (kindly schedule an advising appointment at your convenience).

Advisors have office hours during the semester and additional office hours during the periods leading to registration.