Rutgers University offers several online learning platforms that instructors may use to distribute course materials, provide instruction, assign work, and interact with students. Courses will implement these platforms differently, with some relying heavily on the platforms for class organization and management, and others using them only sparingly.

When beginning any course, students should review the syllabus to ensure they know which platforms are being used and for what purpose. Some courses may use common learning management systems, like Canvas,  while others may use online learning tools specific to the course material, such as math or physics homework sites. Students should familiarize themselves with all tools and platforms being used and know how their instructors expect them to engage with the platform specified for a particular course.  

The libraries also offer a variety of resources and support for students, including online learning opportunities.

Ready to get started? Look through the resources listed, or use the search bar to type in what you need. 


Academic Integrity Module

All students at Rutgers University are expected to maintain the highest levels of academic integrity.  The definitions and examples of Cheating or Plagiarism may be understood, but it is also important to understand the meaning of Fabrication, Academic SabotageFacilitation of Dishonesty and how to prevent violations of the Academic Integrity Policy.  Violations can result in educational and academic sanctions which can be costly - both in terms of time, money, and future opportunities. 

To maximize academic and post-graduate success, all students are expected to complete the Academic Integrity module available on Canvas.  Once logged into Canvas, the course can be found using the link to enroll or in in the list of Published Courses.

Academic Coaching Online Modules
Learning Centers

The Learning Centers' Academic Coaching program offers a number of online learning modules on Canvas that can be completed asynchronously on your own time. You will also earn digital badges for completing each of the modules. We currently have online modules for the following topics:

  • How to succeed in online courses
  • Time management
  • Academic integrity

For descriptions on each of the modules and instructions on how to enroll, please visit the Learning Centers' Online Modules page.

Office of Disability Services

Rutgers University is proud to be an Aira Access Partner, providing free visual interpreting services throughout the Rutgers—New Brunswick campus. Any student, staff, faculty, or visitor can use Aira for free on a smartphone simply by downloading the Aira app and connecting with an agent.

Learn more about Aira on the Office of Disability Services website.

Ask a Librarian - Getting help from librarians

Do you need help with our library services? Are you looking for articles to write your paper? We offer “Ask a Librarian” email as well as chat service for online research assistance. Contact us at your convenience. 

Degree Navigator

Degree Navigator is a flexible, easy-to-use degree audit and academic advising system for undergraduate programs.  The system is designed to assist you with the process of managing your degree requirements. 

Check Degree Navigator regularly to make sure you are fulfilling your requirements and on track to complete your degree.

  • Explore “What if…?” scenarios such as:
    • “What if I take this course?” Select courses you may want to take and see the effect on your audit.
    • "What if I change majors?” Browse the database and run an audit on any undergraduate program.
  • View your
    • academic profile and progress
    • course listings
    • program and degree requirements
  • Generate real-time audits for your program(s) and major(s) with the push of a button

See the "How To" section and view the video for using Degree Navigator.

Please note: Degree Navigator is unavailable from 8:30am-8:45am every day for system maintenance


Libraries - Tutorials and Guides

How to find resources on the library website using QuickSearch? How to cite a journal article? How to evaluate information? How to present research and data?

Watch these videos and tutorials to improve your research skills and use the Rutgers Libraries resources more effectively. Some content may require a login with Rutgers credentials.

myRutgers Dashboard

Visit your myRutgers dashboard to view personalized university information, grouped into intuitively-named widgets. This mobile-friendly portal allows you to view your grades and transcripts, register for courses, manage financial aid, access email and calendars, and view important alerts and reminders. Your dashboard includes links to forms and websites to assist you with getting information and performing tasks online.

For instructional videos and more information:



QuickSearch Tutorial

QuickSearch provides access to the complete physical collections of the Rutgers Libraries and most of its electronic resources. Watch this video and learn more about QuickSearch and how to use it as a gateway to our library books, journal articles, and audio/visual materials.

Subject Librarians

When you have to write a paper and have a research question, our subject librarians are available to consult with you. Schedule an appointment or e-mail us with your questions. Our subject librarians' expertise spans many academic disciplines and skill sets. Did your professor tell you to look for scholarly peer-reviewed articles on data privacy? How about finding journal articles related to wildfires and climate change? Contact us and we will help you!

Testing & Education Reference Center
Office of Career Exploration and Success

Testing & Education Reference Center, offered by the Office of Career Exploration and Success (CES) and Rutgers Libraries, enables you to access practice materials for a wide variety of graduate school entrance examinations (e.g., GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and MAT), as well as resources for researching and building your career.

The Scarlet Hub
University Enrollment Services

The hub provides student information regarding financial aid, billing and payment, registration, records, admissions, and upcoming deadlines in one convenient place. Need your transcript? Want to view your offer letter or term bill? Time to register for classes? The Scarlet Hub is here to help with your enrollment needs.