Academic coaching and peer mentoring programs help students develop skills and identify resources needed for success, such as time management, study strategies, and goal setting.

Coaches and mentors meet with students to learn about their unique needs, habits, and preferences. They then help students develop personalized strategies for optimizing their college experience.

The University offers a variety of options for coaching and mentoring. Some programs offer a structured, consistent schedule and others provide flexibility in scheduling. Online and in-person as well as group and one-on-one options are also available through various programs. Coaches and mentors may be professionals or peers, depending on the program.

Services provided by the University are free of charge. Some may be restricted to specific student groups. See the information listed after each service to determine whether or not it is applicable to you.

Ready to get started? Look through the resources listed, or use the search bar to type in what you need. 


Academic & Career Mentoring Program with HC Graduate Mentor Fellows
Honors College

Honors College students have several opportunities to connect with our Honors College Graduate Mentors, a cohort of full-time doctoral students representing a range of academic disciplines. Honors College Graduate Mentors provide mentorship within their academic area of expertise regarding topics such as writing personal statements for graduate school applications, how to get involved in research, coaching on presenting academic research, and more. Graduate Mentors are available through office hours as well as signature events, giving Honors College undergraduates a rich resource and support network within their academic disciplines. This resource is available only to Honors College students.

Academic Advising, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Need academic advising? We're here to help via Zoom appointments!

Academic Advising Schedule


Dr. Ileana Nachescu

via Zoom appointment, Monday- Thursday


The mission of academic advising is to assist each student in developing and implementing their own academic plan designed for your educational, career and personal goals. The advising process is a shared responsibility between students and advisers.

To make the most of your advising experience, we suggest that you:

  • come prepared with a general idea of majors/minors that you would be interested in, including WGSS; 
  • come prepared with a general idea of career paths you may be interested in pursuing or areas of interest; 
  • consider what types of courses or subjects you may be interested in within the WGSS department;
  • have a copy of your transcript available, and have a sense of when you are hoping to graduate.

Our Undergraduate Director can assist you directly or point you in the right direction, regardless of the type of advice you need or questions you have.

Academic Coaching & Workshops
Learning Centers

The Learning Centers offer academic coaching through individual appointments, small group meetings, and workshops. Academic coaches help students develop the skills they need to succeed, like study strategies, time management, and problem solving. Services are available in-person and online, free of charge to all RU students.

Academic Coaching Online Modules
Learning Centers

The Learning Centers' Academic Coaching program offers a number of online learning modules on Canvas that can be completed asynchronously on your own time. You will also earn digital badges for completing each of the modules. We currently have online modules for the following topics:

  • How to succeed in online courses
  • Time management
  • Academic integrity

For descriptions on each of the modules and instructions on how to enroll, please visit the Learning Centers' Online Modules page.

Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates
Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates

The Aresty Research Center's mission is to facilitate faculty-led undergraduate research at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. The center enables students to learn about the process of research by connecting them with faculty mentors and projects that aid in developing their ability to create research objectives. The center connects hundreds of undergraduates with hands-on research experiences and/or funding opportunities through our highly competitive and structured processes designed for our signature programs. Students of all grade levels are welcomed to excel and expand their undergraduate research experience through our center. Aresty also provides a platform for students to present their research findings to the university and the general public at our annual Research Symposium.

College Support Program
Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services

The College Support Program (CSP) is a unit of the Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services RCAAS.  The CSP supports Rutgers University students on the autism spectrum as they begin, continue and prepare to graduate from the University. It is a comprehensive program that assists students through the provision of direct support and collaboration with University services that address executive functioning, social competence, academic skills, self-care, self-advocacy, and career preparation. 

The CSP currently serves matriculated full-and part-time undergraduate students on the New Brunswick-Piscataway campus only.   CSP students may live in on- or off-campus housing, or they may commute from their permanent residence. Please visit our FAQs section: for answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

German Language Practice and Tutoring
German, Russian & East European Languages & Literatures

Students interested in German tutoring, or in practicing their German language skills in an informal setting, can learn more here. This information will update each semester.

Graduate Mentors
Honors College

Honors College Graduate Mentors provide mentorship within their academic area of expertise regarding topics such as writing personal statements for graduate school applications, how to get involved in research, coaching on presenting academic research, and more. Graduate Mentors are available through office hours as well as signature events, giving Honors College undergraduates a rich resource and support network within their academic disciplines.

Fellows develop a sense of community with graduate students across the disciplines and enjoy the experience of giving back to the university community. Interested doctoral students should email Dean Rydel at to learn more.

Health Outreach, Promotion & Education (HOPE)
Rutgers Student Health

Health Outreach, Promotion, and Education (HOPE) works to advance health and wellness at Rutgers University through community engagement and innovation. HOPE provides students with tools to advocate for personal and community wellness and coordinates a large and active peer education program. Students are trained to facilitate interactive outreach and workshops on issues that directly impact students’ lives.

HOPE offers public health internships through the Edward J. Bloustein School. 

Honors College Changemaking Communities
Honors College

In order to build our Honors College community in a meaningful way across the four-year experience, Honors College Changemaking Communities engage students in community building, programs, and initiatives with a focus on socially responsible leadership - defined as individual, group, and community development for social change. By participating in a Changemaking Community, students will develop these skills and engage in building a safe and inclusive community with each other. All students are eligible to participate in a Changemaking Community and will have a dedicated Changemaking Mentor.

Honors College Residence Hall

HC Changemaking Mentors for First-Year Students are part-time, live-in student leaders within the Honors College residence hall. Mentors in Residence work to support first-year Honors College students in their transition to college life through academic success mentoring, collaborating with faculty and staff, and supporting the overall mission of the Honors College. This resource is available only to Honors College students.

Residential Communities

These communities provide an opportunity for continuing students to live and learn with like-minded students in a residentially based community with their own Changemaking Mentors. Connected as well to the overarching theme of socially responsible leadership, these communities are housed in the Livingston Apartments, Newell Apartments, Thomas Suites, and University Center at Easton Avenue Apartments.


Nursing Student Resources
School of Nursing

Rutgers School of Nursing provides an array of support services for our students. Please visit our student resources page: to identify the services and resources that apply to you based on your academic program and campus. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact

Office for Advising and Student Success
Mason Gross School of the Arts

The Mason Gross Office for Advising and Student Success is made up of a team of experienced academic advisors/student success counselors who specialize in helping students achieve their goals, understand their options, connect to resources, and identify their personal path to a successful academic and professional career.

A student’s relationship with their advisor is key to their academic success and offers an opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss options and discover answers. Advisors engage students in conversations about their education and life goals and want to learn about how individual students thrive and ultimately succeed in their degree and career.  Through these conversations advisors strive to empower students to make their independent decisions and claim ownership of their accomplishments.


  • Academic Advising, Policies and Degree Confirmation
  • Career Counseling and Preparation
  • Student Organizations, Involvement and Events
  • Parent and Family Information
  • General Health and Wellness Guidance

Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences

The Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS) is an academic support unit within the Division of Life Sciences at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The goal of ODASIS is to increase the recruitment and academic success of underrepresented students, as well as educationally and economically disadvantaged students, who are interested in pursuing careers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professions.

Psychology Advising

Dr. Wilder and Ms. Whitehead can respond to most queries about the major and the minor through email ( or Virtual walk-in advising hours are also available via Zoom. See the advising hours dropdown below for more information.


International Students interested in Psychology:  Posted Zoom advising hours may not be convenient because of time zone differences. Current or prospective international students are encouraged to contact advising ( or to set up individual meeting times that may better fit with their availability than the one’s posted in the advising hours dropdown below.


We also have a Faculty Advising Committee during Fall and Spring semesters to provide career and graduate school advice within specialty areas of psychology (see below).


Finally, If you are not a declared major or minor, you may wish to  Sign up to receive Psychology Announcements via email. These announcements include registration information,  internship opportunities, job openings, special meetings, and other items of general interest.

School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program
School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program is the largest in New Jersey, serving EOF Scholars in SAS, RBS, MGSA, SMLR, and BSPPP. It is a New Jersey state-legislated program that provides access to higher education for students who demonstrate the potential to succeed in college, and possess a high level of academic motivation. Students qualify for admission on the basis of academic potential and financial need. EOF Scholars receive a grant that is part of their financial aid package and participate in a range of programs designed to support their success in college, including a pre-college Summer Institute and academic/personal counseling.


SEBS Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)
Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF): School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS)

SEBS EOF prepares students to solve challenging societal problems. Focused on access, academic excellence, and research, SEBS EOF cultivates students' capacity to make adaptive changes in their educational development and overcome historic socioeconomic factors that challenge their potential for success. SEBS EOF provides services that assist students in navigating the complexities of an academic and social climate within a global environment, and help facilitate an understanding of what is required to succeed in college as a science major. We educate researchers, scientists, and health professionals, promoting learning outcomes that produce first-generation college graduates and high-achieving STEM professionals.

Society of Physics Students
Physics and Astronomy

Society of Physics Students is one of the most active chapters in the US-wide organization.  It hosts professional development sessions, research and career talks, and near peer mentoring of 1st and 2nd year students.  Most of the 100s of physics and astrophysics majors participate in SPS and its events every semester.

Student Excellence, Equity, and Diversity in Data Science (SEED2S)
SAS SEED2S - Student Excellence, Equity, and Diversity in Data Science

Welcome to SAS SEED2S—the Student Excellence, Equity, and Diversity in Data Science Office, within the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS), specifically designed for data science students. 

Our primary goal is to empower students throughout their data science journey by offering a diverse range of student-focused services. Our mission revolves around enhancing the student experience. We're dedicated to ensuring student success by providing personalized support through peer mentoring, outreach, and tailored success plans. Our approach is centered on equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities crucial for excelling in the field of data science. Discover the benefits of joining SAS SEED2S!

Student to Student Academic Coaching Mini-Course (Peer Mentoring and Coaching)
Office of International Academic Success - Rutgers Global

Student to Student Academic Coaching (01:090:227) is a 1-credit pass/fail "mini" course that counts towards graduation, offered in either the first or second 7 weeks of the Spring semester. Research has shown that academic coaching helps students prioritize and plan their studies and overcome barriers to their academic success.  This academic coaching mini-course is led by junior and senior students who have taught the RU-FIT International Student Transition course as Peer Leaders and who have received additional training to become Academic Peer Coaches.  Class sessions consist of small groups of six students or fewer enabling Academic Peer Coaches to address student's individual academic strengths, needs and challenges and provide customized support and guidance.

THRIVE Student Support Services (SSS) Program
THRIVE Student Support Services

THRIVE Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded TRIO program designed to empower undergraduate students to persist through college, maintain good academic standing, and graduate on time. THRIVE SSS supports low-income, first-generation and/or students with disabilities students successfully begin and stay in college. THRIVE SSS provides opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic college requirements, and to motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education. The goal of THRIVE SSS is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants. THRIVE SSS Scholars receive academic tutoring; advice and assistance in postsecondary course selection; information on both the full range of student financial aid programs, benefits and resources for locating public and private scholarships; and assistance in completing financial aid applications. Education or counseling services designed to improve the financial and economic literacy and assist in applying for admission to graduate and professional programs. individualized counseling for personal, career, and academic information, activities, and instruction designed to acquaint career options; exposure to cultural events and academic programs; mentoring programs and Student Success Award. These services are exclusive for students who meet the eligibility requirement to be part of THRIVE SSS in New Brunswick. 

Undergraduate Advising: French Placement and Curriculum

The French placement test helps advisors determine your skill level in French and the appropriate course level for you. You are required to take the placement test to receive credit if you have two years or more of High School French or two semesters of college-level French.

Placement Testing Link

Undergraduate advisors in French can help you identify the course offerings that best meet your learning needs. We will be happy to help you plan your major or minor (kindly schedule an advising appointment at your convenience).

Advisors have office hours during the semester and additional office hours during the periods leading to registration.

UNMA Student Ambassadors
Political Science Department/SGS New Brunswick

Student Ambassadors are current students of M.A. Program in Political Science - United Nations and Global Policy Studies (UNMA). They volunteer their time throughout the school year to serve as a crucial point of contact for prospective students through email, phone calls, and various outreach events. The vision of this program is to cultivate transformative experiences, promote leadership skills and challenge students to be their best at Rutgers and beyond.

Rutgers Political Science students apply and are hand selected for their leadership qualities, academic achievements and initiatives in the study of politics, global policy and international affairs. The Student Ambassador program has a mission to prepare exceptional students for future careers and initiatives to make the world a better place. This unique program believes in the Rutgers mission to "Create innovative learning opportunities, programs, and services that prepare students to lead, serve, and become engaged members of a global society".

Wellness Coaching
Health Outreach, Promotion & Education (HOPE)

Need help managing test anxiety or other challenges? Check out wellness coaching at HOPE (Health Promotion, Outreach & Education). Wellness coaching is not counseling. Coaches are students who have been trained to help their fellow students focus on the present and identify solutions to reach their goals in weekly one-on-one sessions. Free to students.